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April 15, 2022

High-end Custom Audiophile Headphone Cable for HiFiMan Susvaras

High-end Custom Audiophile Headphone Cable for HiFiMan Susvaras

If you are looking for high-end audiophile wire, ultra pure ohno cast copper, aka UP-OCC, should be on your shortlist. The copper is drawn from much larger crystals so it has a much smoother and cleaner appearance under a microscope versus standard oxygen free copper with a more grainy texture. See below: 

Thanks to it's long grain structure, UP-OCC is commonly used for higher-end audiophile cables. But what if we wanted something even better? Zynsonix now has access to ultra pure, ohno cast silver (UP-OCS) wire known for even better conductivity. 

For this post I'll be assembling a Zynsonix UP-OCS Centurian Octet headphone cable for the HiFiMan Susvaras, easily one of the best headphones on the market. The Susvara's are known to be very unsensitive so that's why the Octet formation is recommended to get the extra juice from your headphone amp or speaker amp to the headphones. 

At the start we will need to hand-braid the UP-OCS silver wire, this is a pair of litz quads which will be running in parallel. 

I like to give the cable a nice snug PTFE Teflon wrap to help reduce unwanted vibration and microphonics. 

Next comes the sleeving. We went with ViaBlue's patterned black, red and white patterned sleeving

The next step is to add the Zynsonix blind embossed leather tag and Y-splitter.

And we can terminate the cable with some Cardas Quadeutectic solder, 3.5mm connectors and a Furutech rhodium plated 4 pin XLR for balanced audio. 

This is an extremely high performing audio cable that does the HiFiMan Susvaras justice. It's also relatively light despite the extra conductors thanks to the hand-braided UP-OCS. If you'd like to hear the best your Susvaras can sound, please check out the Zynsonix Imperial Legate. It can be terminated in any balanced or single-ended rhodium connection including 4 pin XLR, dual 3 pin XLR, 6.3mm TRS, 4.4mm TRRRS, 3.5mm TRS, 2.5mm TRRS, bananas/spades, or SpeakON connector for Benchmark AHB2.