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February 23, 2011

Recabling the Venerable Koss KSC75 Headphones

The Koss lineup of portable headphones is truly legendary, from the Portapro that was released in 1984, to the KSC35 that features the same computer-optimized neodymium iron boron magnets in a clip on version, and the slightly newer KSC75 with more comfortable ear clips and a titanium coating on its diaphragms. All three of these products can still be purchased, all of which are under $40 street price (although it's a little more difficult to locate a retailer carrying the KSC35 than the other two). 

The Koss KSC35, KSC75 and PortaPro

Of Koss' three legendary offerings, the best value has to be the Koss KSC75. Surprisingly detailed highs and thick bass reproduction make for a fun presentation and one can purchase this little guy for about $15 on Amazon, likely the best $15 you'll ever spend. Below is photo of some newer packaging for the KSC75 (circa 2012) selling them as "Pulse Clips", same thing, different package. 

KSC75 aka Pulse Clips

Of course, an audiophile can never be satisfied with things as they are, and will tweak and overhaul to get the maximum amount of performance out of something, even a $15 headphone. So, why not put a cable on the headphone that costs several times as much as the headphone itsself? :)

Once removing the plastic shell and ear clip, the solder tabs are exposed. Note below a Xev headphone cable soldered to the KSC75 driver and secured with heavy duty adhesive. 

A Xev cable soldered to the KSC75 driver

Below are a couple of different finished KSC75s:

Xev wire and soft nylon multifilament covering

Xev wire and black chrome covering

How's it sound? Much more Hi-Fi; highs are crisper and more detailed and bass is much more controlled; it's really like a new headphone. Worth the extra cost? That depends entirely on your wallet and sanity level ;) Want a recabled KSC75 of your own? Contact Zynsonix for details.


  1. So you changed the wires and now "highs are crisper and more detailed and bass is much more controlled"? LOL. Come on...

  2. I would say most untrained ears could immediately hear the difference between a recabled KSC75 and a stock one. The difference is drastic enough that it sounds like a completely different headphone.

  3. Anyone modded a KSC75 for use with a balanced headphone amplifier?

  4. I reterminated mine balanced with some affordable mogami cables and a neutrik connector. The bass difference is shocking. Sub bass is present.