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March 1, 2014

Oyaide P-3.5 Mini Connector

When it comes to solderable cable-end connectors they really aren't friendly with proprietary headphone connections, iPhones / mobile phones with cases and small portable amplifiers. The fact of the matter is that they're just too large. Well DIYers can finally breath a sigh of relief with the Oyaide P-3.5 mini connector. (Just for the sake of reference, mini connectors are referred to as 1/8" connectors or 3.5mm connectors and are most often used as a portable headphone connection). The Oyaide connector comes in standard, right angle and Ultrasone flavors and is finished with either gold plating or rhodium/silver plating. The Ultrasone style connectors have an extended "rib" so they fit in Ultrasone headphones, as well as some other headphones with a proprietary 3.5mm inlet.
Gold and Rhodium Ultrasone Connectors
Internal view of Oyaide P-3.5

These relatively small connectors are sized to easily fit through an iPhone or other cell phone case, which makes them great for portable headphones. Taking a look below at the Oyaide versus three other popular mini connectors (Canare F-12, Switchcraft 35HD and Neutrik NYS231), you'll notice there's a substantial difference in size. The main obstruction when using other connectors is the ledge right underneath the sleeve (ground connection). The Oyaide connector solves this issue. 

Mini size comparisons
Additional comparison photo
Below are the soldering connections for left signal, right signal and ground on the Oyaide.

Soldering connections for the Oyaide P-3.5
The soldered Oyaide connector

One disadvantage with using this connector is the cable inlet on the shell of the connector is quite small and will only accept thin-gauge cable. This can be remedied by drilling out the hole and filing with a Dremel bit. The drilled and Dremeled connector is shown in the lower right versus the unmodified shell on the left.

Drilled out shell for wider cables

Below is a photo of a finished cable with the Oyaide on one end and the Neutrik on the other end.

Oyaide on left, Neutrik on right

And finally here is a photo of a finished cable for a Fostex T50RP using the Oyaide on one end. 

I hope this information regarding the new Oyaide P-3.5 mini connector was informative. If you'd like to purchase a custom cable featuring it, please contact Zynsonix.com for a quote.

The Fine Print:
The above steps detailing the building of a cable are for entertainment purposes only and not to be performed under any circumstances. The owner of this blog and all associated parties can not / will not be held responsible if you attempt the process posted and cause physical harm to yourself, your surroundings or your property. Please keep this in mind.

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