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September 28, 2014

Custom Audio Cables Make for Great Eye Candy

I've been spending a bit more time experimenting with paracord sleeving, it performs quite similarly to nylon multifilament and comes in all sorts of different shades. Below are some cables assembled with a fun splash of color, along with some choice audiophile componentry like Cardas ultra pure silver and Neotech ultra pure ohno cast copper. Perfect for your headphone or speaker amp. They are available for sale on ebay, first come first serve ;)

Pure silver (Cardas Silver) mini to RCA, Switchcraft right angle mini, Vampire RCAs - 1 1/2 feet

Ultra pure ohno cast copper in Teflon, right angle Switchcraft mini, Vampire RCAs - 2 feet

UPOCC Copper headphone extension cable with Neutrik 1/4" male, Switchcraft 1/4" female - 6 feet

Pure Silver (Cardas Silver) mini to mini cable with Neutrik gold mini connectors - 5 inches tip to tip

UPOCC Copper Mini to RCA Cable with Switchcraft straight mini and Vampire RCAs - 2 feet

If you like what you see above but need something custom, Zynsonix Audio is welcoming requests for any audio cable solution you need. Until next time!