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May 19, 2017

Help out Dave from Planet 10 HiFi

Dave over at Planet 10 HiFi has been instrumental in pushing the envelope for single driver speaker designs, including the much lauded Fonken and MiniOnken designs and the amazing Frugal horn which can be built with Mark Audio or Fostex drivers.

He also developed and patented the EnABL process which dampens and improves drivers (an interesting read if you have time). He's also developed many speaker cabinet designs, hosted a number of group buys, and has been a cornerstone of the DIY community.

Dave currently needs our help. Last year Dave's wife, Ruth, found him laying on the bathroom floor, ghostly pale and staring wide-eyed. Ruth immediately called an ambulance and Dave was taken to Vic General where an emergency CT Scan and speedy blood work prompted another ambulance to rush him to Royal Jubilee for emergency surgery less than an hour after leaving their home. It turned out that an abdominal aortic aneurysm had burst (one of multiple previously undetected aneurysms), his chest was full of blood and infection was raging through his upper body. Two gifted surgeons spent over 10 hours working valiantly to save his life. Dave survived the surgery to replace his entire aorta, top to bottom, and was kept in an induced-coma for almost a week to allow the body to begin to heal. The surgeon said Dave had incredible tenacity to make it through the surgery. 

Fortunately, Dave just got back at home last month and has been slowly recovering, but as you can imagine there are many expenses associated with medical difficulties of this magnitude and being out of work for so long. 

I encourage you to join in the GoFundMe to help out Dave and Ruth as they traverse this challenging time in their lives, especially if you value the great things Dave has done for the DIY community. You can also see the latest updates at DIYAudio

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