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July 26, 2013

Donate to a Great Cause and Win!

My good friend and fellow DIY'er Nate Maher (who goes by n_maher on many audio forums) has a wonderful cause that he's working toward. He's going to be raising money for the upcoming 3 Notch Century, which is a challenging and scenic ride through the White Mountains of New Hampshire that benefits the disabled via Northeast Passage, an organization that works with everyone from individuals born with disabilities, accident victims, wounded combat vets, etc. 

I think this is a wonderful cause and encourage you to participate. If you need a little more encouragement, Nate will be raffling off an ECP/Beezar Torpedo headphone amplifier, a pair of vintage recabled AKG K340 headphones, and a custom pair of interconnects. 

Win Nate's Torpedo!
Please head over to: http://www.active.com/donate/threenotchcentury13/natemaher to participate. Each $10 donation is worth a ticket in Nate's raffle. Once you're donated, be sure to send n_maher a personal message on HeadFi with the # of tickets that you ”purchased” via your donation and the name under which you donated to enter his raffle.

About Northeast Passage
Northeast Passage, founded in 1990, is a nationally recognized leader in the provision of innovative therapeutic recreation services. Northeast Passage delivers disability-related health promotion and adapted sports programs throughout New England. All proceeds from this event directly benefit their participants.

Fine Print: The owner of this blog does not have any affiliation with Northeast Passage and/or the Three Notch Century event and will not be personally providing any of the prizes mentioned above. 

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